At the Moving home we have a great range of good quality and affordable moving boxes for your move. Our range includes single and double walled moving boxes, from small to tea chest size as well as garment wardrobe boxes.

SMALL MOVING BOXES - These are single walled boxes good for storing clothing and smaller items that are not that heavy. Bathroom items and magazines can also be stored in these boxes which are a good all round box for moving home. Ensure you tape the bottom side of these boxes well to ensure they are secure when lifting.

GENERAL MOVING BOXES - These are single walled 457mm x 330mm x 330mm Single walled corrugated removal boxes. These are good for smaller items, clothing, pillows and soft items like toys and children's bedroom items. These boxes although single walled are very reliable and again another good sturdy box for moving.

MEDIUM MOVING BOXES -These are highly sought after and used boxes, again 457mm x 330mm x 330mm but these are double walled boxes and are very sturdy and strong. These can be used for all types of household items from kitchen ware to books and collectables.

LARGE MOVING BOXES - These double walled 450mm x450mm x 508mm are the most popular size boxes used by professional remover in the UK today. They are the best quality you can buy and used to hold literally every household item you desire. From books to DVDs, CD's, kitchenware,, glassware, bathroom items, collectables and valuable items. These boxes are strong, sturdy and very secure for moving home.

Moving box

Large Moving box