Swansea House Packing Boxes & Bubble Wrap

Cardboard Packing Boxes Swansea

We sell strong, affordable house moving boxes delivered direct to your home dispatched from warehouses based in Bristol and Swansea with a network reaching Birmingham, Portsmouth, Derby and Sunderland for delivery to your home anywhere in the UK. We specialise in house and office moves, strong cardboard packing boxes, bubble wrap and all other essential packing materials. Free delivery for orders over £30


House Moving Kits Swansea

We offer a range of removal kits which include large, medium and small house packing boxes, large bubble wrap rolls, packing tape and dispensers as well as packing paper, box labels and pens. Our house moving kits range from 12 to 70 boxes, ideal if you can't decide how many cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and other materials are needed for your house move.

Bubble Wrap Rolls and Kits Swansea

We stock cheap, strong and reliable bubble wrap for protective packaging when moving house and home. Used for padding cardboard boxes and protecting furniture. Our bubble wrap ranges from 10 metre to large 100 metre rolls, double packs and bubble wrap packing kits which include tape and a craft knife. Also very popular and econonomical for big moves are our huge bubble wrap rolls of 500mm x 100 metres. Dispatched from Bristol and Swansea throughout the UK to courier depots in Birmingham, Portsmouth, Derby and Sunderland and beyond for delivery to your home anywhere UK.

Protective packaging Swansea

Aside from bubble wrap we supply acid free tissue paper for packing and wrapping smaller delicate items where bubble wrap may be deemed inappropriate.

Packing paper is ideal for protecting ceramic ornaments, glass ornaments, crockery and bottles as well smaller sharper items which could puncture or scratch others during your move, in particular surfaces such as table tops. Packing paper is also used to fill in gaps in cardboard boxes around irregular shaped items so they are secure in transit, lessening damage potential.


Also very popular when moving house are shrink wrap and pallet wrap rolls used for securing objects bundled together on a single surface or pallet then wrapped in stretch film. As well as securing items in transit, shrink wrap will waterproof objects, especially important if they are to be left outside for any length of time.

Other essential moving protection are mattress covers and furniture covers used to keep mattresses and furniture clean, dry and dust free when packing and moving. These covers are effectively large, thick and very strong polythene bags which slide over the items, used when moving house as protection against dirt and dust. They can be saved and used as protection against paint when decorating your house.

Free Delivery on Packing Materials Swansea

With an extensive courier network transporting our packing materials from a huge warehouse in Bristol and Swansea to depots in Birmingham, Portsmouth, Derby and Sunderland for delivery to your door anywhere in UK, we are able to offer free delivery on spends over £30.