Moving home can be a very stressful and expensive venture. Hiring professional removals men takes time, not only to undertake the formalities of booking a reputable firm for the dates you require, but also the logistics involved can be complicated. First they (the removals company) have to undertake an on the property removals appraisal to firm up the quote and then there is the paperwork, the insurance charges, the hourly rates. Is it really worth it in the long run or is it easier to DO IT YOURSELF? If you find the right removals firm or man with a van business with good reviews, it is always better to use them as they are experienced and move every day, they know exactly how and what to do. However if your budget is very tight, perhaps you are a physically fit individual or a student and very organized, then there is no reason why you cannot do your own small move. If you have a small apartment or have plenty of friends that are willing to assist you on the day in return for food and beer then you may consider a DIYM (DO IT YOURSELF MOVE). If you need to hire a van for the day, there are many companies that will rent vans up to 3.5 Lutons which will move a 1-3 bedroom fully furnished apartment or a Luton van for smaller moves. Make sure you give all your friends specific tasks, most importantly have one watching the van and put one friend on drinks duty. DIYM can be fun if done right with the right amount of organisation, there is nothing worse than a small move taking all day and night as you will find your friends will slowly leave you as it gets later and later. To ensure a smooth operation make sure you have packed all your belongings beforehand as this will be the most crucial part of the move and save you time and money in the long run. Packing To begin you will require packing boxes for moving home and packing material such as bubble wrap, packing tape and general cardboard boxes for moving. Years ago you may have politely asked a supermarket or local shop to provide you with old second hand boxes to recycle. This is still a good idea but time consuming and you may not get bubble wrap or packing tape required, alternatively at you can order your packing boxes, removal kits and general moving home packing materials with next day delivery. Not only is this convenient, it is also very cheap. Watch the packing tip videoís on the Moving Home Warehouse help centre section to give you ideas and great tips on how to professionally pack your belongings ready for your move. Marking boxes correctly will help you and your friends know what rooms to put your boxes in and what you have stored in them. Bubble wrap and jiffy foam roll is a must for items like ornaments, kitchen ware and precious items. Your best option is to buy a ready-made removal kit or build your own removal kit using the innovative moving kit builder tool at