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Boxes For Moving

What is a moving box?

Good question. There are many different boxes of all shapes and sizes out there, but only a few that are really good enough for moving home.

When moving home you’ll need a range of different sized boxes from small to large. Use the smaller boxes for heavy items and the larger boxes for lighter items – when your removal person picks up the box, you don’t want the bottom of the box to fall through, or even worse to cause someone an injury because the box is too heavy.

The most widely used box for moving is the 18x18x20 (tea chest box). This is a really useful box, good for storage and stacking. However, if you filled this box with just books, it would be too heavy to lift – so think about what you’re putting in before you choose the best box size.

The ideal solution is to buy a ready-made removal kit from our range. It will include a selection of boxes in various sizes – and both double and single walled versions.

Do you sell moving boxes?

The Moving Home Warehouse has a massive range of boxes – all designed to be the perfect size and strength for any move, large or small. With vast experience of the removals industry, our team chooses only the most suitable boxes for moving. They’re strong, manufactured in the UK and great for packing and stacking.

We offer single and double walled corrugated cardboard boxes to suit whatever you’re packing up. Smaller boxes are better for heavy items and larger boxes for lighter items – so that when picked up they don’t split or tear like many other cheaper boxes. All our packing boxes for moving home are brand new and we pick, pack and seal them in the warehouse ready for delivery the next working day.

Why are quality boxes for moving so important?

When buying your boxes for moving it’s important to remember the reason you’re buying them. What are you looking for in a moving box?

Are you looking for a box that’s strong, sturdy and reliable that will not break, tear or rip? Do you want quality boxes that are reliable, durable and will ensure your precious, fragile and delicate objects arrive at your new home in one piece rather than in pieces?

If that’s what you’re looking for, our products tick all the boxes. They’re all quality boxes that while great value, should also be seen as an investment – not just to keep your belongings safe on this move, but also any other moves you have to do in the future.

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