FAQ - Boxes For Moving

Boxes For Moving?

What is a box for moving? good question. There are many size and shape boxes out there but there are only really a few sizes and shaps good enough for moving home. When moving home you will require a range of different size boxes from small to large.

It is important that the smaller boxes are used for heavy items and the larger items used for lighter items. This is because when your removal guy picks up the box, you do not want the box to break or fall out and you do not want the removal guy to injure themselves due to boxes being too heavy.

It is recommended that you use a range of boxes from sinlge to double walled boxes for your move. The most widely used box for moving is the 18x18x20 (tea chest box) this is a good box, however many people think it is the only box to be used. This is not correct. It is good for storage and stacking however if you were to fill this box with just books, it would be too heavy to lift and fall out when lifted.

The most ideal solution would be to buy a multipack box kit or a removal kit from our range. Our range of moving boxes provides the best solution for boxes for moving as they are various sizes in double and single walled strong, sturdy corrugated cardboard.

Where to buy boxes for moving?

The best place to buy boxes for moving is at The Moving Home Warehouse:-


We offer a massive range of boxes for moving which ae strong, strudy and relaible. All our boxes are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality corrugated cardboard and used and approved by the UK removals industry. We offer most of our boxes for moving in removal kit format pre-wrapped and ready to ship with FREE next working day delivery. All our boxes for moving and removal kits are designed with the customer in mind and made to order in our warehouse when ordered.

Why are quality boxes for moving so important?

When buying your boxes for moving it is important to remember that the reason you are buying them. What are you looking for in a box for moving? The answer usually is the following:-

When buying boxes for moving I want strong, sturdy and reliable boxes that will not break, tear or rip when I am moving home. I want strong quality boxes that are reliable, durable and will carry my precious, fragile and delicate objects to my new home in one piece not pieces.

It is very important that you buy quality strong boxes for moving when you move home to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. Quality boxes are not expensive they are an investment as not only do they ensure your items are safe during transit, after you move you can keep the boxes for your next move.