FAQ - Bubble Wrap

How much bubble wrap do I need?

The one thing about bubble wrap is there is never enough when you need it the most. If you have just one item to wrap for moving we recommend getting a smaller roll or a couple of smaller rolls around 5-10 meters long. Good for small mirrors, small fragile items which you can then pack into small boxes.

However if you have many items or large items that you want to protect like a TV or large mirror we recommend getting a larger roll of bubble wrap, 100 meters. It might sound like alot but when moving from just a 2 bedroom home that amount will be used up quickly.

How to cut bubble wrap?

You can cut bubble wrap with scissors. But the most quick and effective way is to lay out an old box and cut the bubble wrap using a safety knife with snap blade. Be cure to keep your hand away from the knife when using. You can them cut strips of bubble wrap ready to be used

Why use bubble wrap when packing?

Bubble wrap is an essentiaal product when packing items to move home. It is designed to provide protection when items are knocked and bashed during transit, bubble wrap can be used on items all over the house, from fragile kitchenware to mirrors, TV sets and stereo speakers. If you dont want any damage to occur to your fragile and valuable items when moving always use bubble warp.