FAQ - House moving boxes

What is the best House moving box?

This all depends on the function of the box you require. its all depends on how heavy the items are you are moving. if you are moving books for example it is better to use small double walled boxes so that when the moving guys lift the box it is not so heavy that it will break and tear.

If you are moving larger lighter items its better to us a large (tea chest) size box which are great for storage and stacking. Many removal companies use large tea chest size boxes for moving but it really all depends on what you are moving. If you pack a large box with heavy items it will be impossible to lift and may tear of split.

here at the moving home warehouse we have designed many pre-made removal kits with a range of various size boxes for packing light and heavy items from single to double walled for strengh all ready to be shipped with next working day delivery anywhere in the UK.