FAQ - Moving Boxes

Difference between single & double walled boxes?

The difference in single and double walled boxes is the corrugated cardboard layering used to manufacture the boxes. Single wall uses one wall of corrugated cardboard, double uses two walls.

The difference normally means the strengh of the box, double walled boxes are stronger and can hold hevier items, single walled weaker and can hold lighter items. It is recommended to use single walled boxes for lighter items, like clothing, fabrics, pillows, and double for heavier items like books and kitchenware.

What type of removal boxes do I need?

It is recommended to use a variety of different boxes when moving, large and small, single and double walled. It also depends on the size of the property you are moving from and how much 'stuff' you have to move.

Our pre-made removal kits provide a variety of sizes and it is recommended that you first work out how much clutter you have to determine the amount of boxes you need. If you have alot of stuff in a 2 bedrrom apartment you may require additonal large boxes to accompany your removal kit. If you dont have that much stuff then prehaps just a pack of medium double walled boxes will be enough.

It may be better for you to use our 'build your own' box kit. This tool allows you to pick and choose your own removal kit based on how much stuff you have and what you think you will need.