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Packing draws

What’s the best way to pack a chest of drawers?

There are a couple of easy ways to pack a bedroom chest of drawers.

You can either remove all the clothing items from the drawers and pack them into black refuse bags or cardboard packing boxes for transit. Then all you have to do is tape the drawers closed ready for your removal company.

Alternatively, you can keep all the clothing inside the drawers and shrink wrap the whole thing so that none of the drawers slip out when moving.

What’s the best way to lift a heavy chest of drawers?

Drawers can be very heavy to lift, so it’s often best to remove all the clothing first, and then remove the drawers from the actual cabinet or wardrobe unit before moving. Sometimes you can unscrew the drawer handles and either tape them to the inside of the drawer or screw them on inside the drawer so they’re not lost during transit.

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