Moving home boxes, cardboard boxes, packing boxes, however you describe them they are a vital and necessary item used for every house and home move worldwide. However, many firms will sell you single walled boxes that are cheap to manufacture and are useless in holding anything heavier than tissue paper. At the moving home warehouse we only sell double walled moving boxes. That is it! Double walled boxes are stronger, more reliable and fit for purpose, many online packaging firms will bulk up moving kit orders with single walled boxes, we do not do this! Frankly we think that it is unfair for the consumer and does not create a value for money product, single walled boxes WILL fall apart and will not be sufficient for any kind of move. We ensure all our moving home boxes are quality, heavy duty double walled boxes as used by the best removal firms in the country, we want to provide our customers with the best cardboard boxes in the UK so will not accept anything less than the best. When it comes to selecting the right box for moving home, the main four cardboard boxes you will ever need are the tea chest box or general moving box. This is a large box and the most widely used box by removals companies nationwide. These boxes are large, durable and can carry heavy items from books to office printers to shoes and clothing. Medium size boxes, these are the kind of boxes you may see in a super market, except our boxes are double walled. They are usually good for kitchen and bathroom items, some books, DVDs, and electronics. Small boxes, bear in mind small boxes are only really good for small items but a necessary product when moving home and want to keep small items together. Wardrobe boxes, these are used for clothing that you want to keep tidy and hung on a rail, these boxes are large and come with a plastic rail included to keep your clothing safe and neat during transit. Good moving boxes always have a corrugated double wall so donít accept anything less. At the moving home warehouse you can buy moving home boxes at very competitive and affordable prices delivered next day nationwide. Tea chest box