Below you will find some tips for packing when moving home, remember to purchase all your packing material beforehand and in good time. Removal kits are a good start and provide you with cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper all available online with next day delivery from Beds –Use Mattress covers when moving your mattress to avoid oil leaks and stains from ruining them. At the Moving Home Warehouse we sell a range of mattress covers for double and single mattresses. Books –Books packed and ready for moving can be very heavy so use smaller strong double walled moving boxes and don’t overload them. Remember to label them well and seal with strong packing tape. China –Wrap plates and dishes individually and pack vertically in strong cardboard boxes. After wrapping with tissue paper nest bowls and cups inside each other. fill the gaps with bubble wrap, tea towels or void filling material. Crystal, china objects, bric-a-brac – Pack these up individually in packing paper tissue or bubble wrap. Clothing –Loose clothing and bedding can go into bin liners or vacuum storage bags. We recommend the use of our Tea chest moving boxes for folded jumpers/trousers and our wardrobe boxes to hang your garments to keep them all clean and crumple free. Drawers can be packed with lightweight clothes and non- fragile items. Cookers –Please make sure they are disconnected before removal by a qualified electrician for safety reasons. Electronic and Hi-Fi Equipment –If you can keep the original packaging, repack them in it with any of the infill packing – this is the best solution. Like all boxes tape them securely. For those with an LP collection remember to tape down or secure the pick up arm on your turntable. Also wrap and pack your LP’s vertically. Freezers and Refrigerators -Defrost and air in good time before moving day. Secure all drawers and loose parts. Pad any vulnerable coils. Tape or strap the doors shut with a cardboard spacer to hold slightly open for air circulation. Freezer bags can be purchased at Furniture – self-assembly -These are generally not designed to be moved around assembled. You need to dismantle them before the day of moving. Also any other furniture too big to negotiate doorways will also need disassembling. Talk to our removal consultant if you have anything that might cause a problem moving. For sofas and chairs be sure to cover them with sofa covers and chair covers at the moving-home-warehouse we sell a variety of plastic covers for furniture to protect them whilst being moved. Garage/Garden / Shed –Many items in these areas cannot be transported by removal companies due to health and safety. They include solvent based products (paints etc), poisons, flammable substances/liquids and gas/aerosols. Tools should be clean, sharp edges wrapped and taped together if loose. Pack your power tools with plenty of padding/infill. Protect your possessions from oil and grease by covering the pedals and chains of any bicycles and greased tools. Glassware –pad out the packing box’s sides and bottom. Then place screwed up tissue paper inside each bowl or glass and wrap each separately. Alternatively use bubble wrap for each item. Generously cushion each glass object from its neighbour. Do not cram in the container. At We supply cardboard boxes with glassware partitions to make the job a lot easier. Mattresses –Suitable plastic mattress covers are available from us or use some suitable alternative. Mirrors and Framed Pictures –Large mirrors, paintings and other artwork should be wrapped in bubble wrap or roving blankets which can be supplied by The Moving Home Warehouse. Silverware –To prevent tarnishing and scratching of your silverware use acid free tissue paper found at the moving-home-warehouse and don’t use rubber bands. Alternatively wrap all silverware in bubble wrap or jiffy foam roll all available at the moving-home-warehouse. Washing machines / tumble dryers –Remember to replace the securing transit bolts in the drums that came with these machines. Alternatively, you can prevent excessive movement by filling with towels, old linen and blankets.