It is always more cost effective to buy strong reliable packing tape from a reliable supplier than to just buy off the shelf brown packing tape from the discount store. Many packing tapes on the market are not fit for purpose and rip away when used, are not strong enough to support your boxes or simply do not stick to any given items when in transit. At the moving home warehouse we supply industry standard strong, reliable brown and clear Bopp Tape / packing tape for moving home. Our packing tape is used in the removals industry by professionals and because we have very strong connections with the best packing tape manufacturers in Europe we can supply packing tape to our customers online at great discount prices. Make sure when using your packing tape that it does not tear or split, make sure it sticks to cardboard and ensure that the roll is long enough for the job. Always tape the underside of your moving boxes for added security. A good roll will normally be around 48mm in width and 66 meters in length. It is also prudent when buying tape to purchase a tape dispenser gun which can also be bought at , this item is very useful when packing many boxes at a time and avoids the tricky and time consuming effort to find the end of the packing tape roll every time you use it. Packing Tape 3