Moving home can be a very stressful time for both large and small home owners and renters. 11% of the UK population move home every year which represents around 8 million movers per year. The majority of people in the UK now live in smaller homes, the average being a 3 bedroom property. This means that most movers are considered as small moves within the house removal industry. As the majority of people live in cities and towns in the UK, on average most moves in the UK would be considered as ‘small inner city’ or small urban moves’ For a 1-3 bedroom move it is advisable to purchase a  pre made, pre packed removals kit containing at least 10 boxes, tape, bubble wrap, bin liners and packing paper. This will cost in the the region of anything from £20-40 with or without free delivery. At the moving home warehouse we stock a large variety of pre-made removal kits ready for your move, from 1-2 bedroom, 3-4 bedroom and larger moves. Many small moves will not require a removals company as it may be a small student move, bedsit or 1 bed apartment move, in this case it may be advisable to rally friends to help with the moving and use your own or a car or van. In any case it is highly advised that you at least use quality packing material when moving your items into a new home or into storage for a longer period. Good quality packing material for moving home especially moving home boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape can all be bought online at The Moving Home Warehouse at really affordable prices and with next day delivery.