The best type of storage boxes for moving home would be the 18 x 18 x 20 tea chest box or the ‘General moving home box’ this box should be double walled and is large enough to store everything from books, fragile items, clothing, office equipment, kitchen items, and bedroom belongings. Storage boxes for moving home must be sturdy enough to survive in transit and for multiple uses. Many removal firms provide second hand removal boxes to their customer, which is fine, however they may be damaged, have leaked oil or liquids on the cardboard itself causing the quality of the box to be compromised and may not be fit for purpose. It is always advised to use brand new top quality cardboard boxes and storage boxes for moving home to ensure that your belongings do not get damaged during transit and during your house removal. At The Moving Home Warehouse we supply all the storage boxes for moving home and cardboard boxes for moving home you will ever need. We also supply these boxes in bulk to the trade so you know they are the best quality industry standard moving home boxes you can buy, our boxes are all brand new double walled for strength and delivered with next day tracked delivery to your door.